10 Things You Should Know About Global Precision



1. They Keep Coming Back

Over 80% of our business is repeat business.  The reason most of our customers keep coming back is because here at Global Precision customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.  There have been projects where we have jumped on planes to travel halfway around the world without notice, carrying parts by hand to customers who needed to keep deadlines. We really jump through hoops to make the improbable happen.

#2. Solutions For Everyone

We work from high volume production all the way down to 1 off prototypes. No job is too small, get in touch to see if we can help.

#3. Filling The Gaps

Global work as a contract manufacturer but also provide specific services, so whether we’re a cog in the machine or the conductor of your entire project we have solutions to suit everyone.

#4. We Work Around The Clock

We have offices in the U.S, U.K and China so we can use our collective experience and knowledge to your advantage and are available at most hours of the day no matter where you are in the world.

#5. It’s The People That Count

Our team is our biggest asset.  A cohesive team is your best resource, and a lifeline to a quality product.  People create; machines manufacture.

#6. We Develop & Optimise.

Almost everything we do involves some level of R&D. Very rarely does a project simply go to production without being optimised or developed first.  Off the paper and onto tooling, prove it will work, assemble the team.

#7. Good Communication

Communication is the biggest hurdle many face when manufacturing in Asia, we have proficient bi-lingual engineers on the ground in the far-east thus avoiding miscommunications and jumping language barriers.

#8. Safe & Sound

We are established in the UK & USA so although operations take place in the far east, you as the customer are still dealing with a UK limited or US incorporated company and are protected under the relevant legal system.

#9. Secure IP

We protect the intellectual property of our clients by issuing non-disclosure agreements, storing data on secure servers and by physically separating elements or components of a design across multiple suppliers.  We have also been working with our Asian partners for many years, all of which have undergone due diligence and audits along with regular visits/inspections from our own China based staff ensuring no underhand activity takes place on our watch.

#10. The Human Approach

We’re human. We like to form good relationships with our customers and find out what they really want, working with us can be fun and having good, honest people to work with is essential when it comes to completing a project successfully. Give us a call or come in for a chat, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or discuss any concerns you may have.