Sustainable Sanitation for the Urban Poor

Ghanasan is a low-cost, human-centered sanitation pilot project in the city of Kumasi, Ghana. It is an initiative launched by, Unilever, and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor.

The Ghanasan sanitation system is domestic cartridge-type toilet service. It is a cheap and cleaner alternative to public latrines.

Local operators provide waste collection services. The collected waste is then transferred to facilities where it is transformed into energy or fertilizer and sold

Ghanasan provides a low-cost and environmentally-friendly alternative to low-income communities that would normally use public latrines or open-air sewers. The business model is to form a self sufficient cycle. Income generated by the sold fertilizer and energy is reinvested in the sanitation services.


Time: 10 weeks for first 1000 units from design freeze.

Blow moulded and injection moulded parts, extremely price driven due to nature of project.

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For more information visit: /unicef 2/22/building-a-scalable-business-in-ghana-because-every-family-deserves-a-toilet/ 

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