BMW – Rear Window Seal (Mini Clubman)


Window Seal For Mini Clubman.

Taken from initial prototype tooling to deliver 200 sets of parts, these tools became ‘bridge-to production’ tools which made in excess of 40,000 sets of parts.

In parallel with production from these pilot tools, production tools were produced with full 18 drop hot runner systems in H13, 52 Rockwell steel to European standard for export to facilitate full volume domestic production in the UK.

  • The Prototype tools (also fully-auto steel tools) were built in 3 weeks.
  • These were then upgraded to H13 52RW to support bridge-to-production.
  • Whilst ‘bridge-to-production’ volumes ran, new production tools were being built concurrently.
  • Production tools were built in 6 weeks and validated over 30,000 sets of parts which were air freighted back to the UK.
  • Tools shipped to designated moulder in the UK after buffer stock was accumulated by the client to cover production builds whilst tools were in transit from Asia.
  • Main challenges included air traps, flow and surface finish.
  • Parts produced are ‘A surface’ body parts (exterior cosmetic parts) so high quality and aesthetic was paramount.